Sunday, May 06, 2007

A post for Sunday

As I have been rushed off my feet for the past few days, due to a colleague being ill, I've not really had time to post much, so just to give a change of page for those of you kind enough to return here here is a taster of this week's sermon, you'll need to follow the link to read the full text. Thanks by the way to those who leave comments on the sermons, they are a real encouragement, I don't usually respond to comments on the deep stuff site but they are noted and I am very grateful for them!

Easter 5 (2007) Year C RCL Principal

Letting the outside in and the inside out…

Early one morning a young man received a telephone call, rather unusually God was at the other end of the line. Hello there, said God, I’m coming to see you today.

Rather excited this young man set about clearing up his flat, tidying up, dusting, hoovering etc etc After a couple of hours of this the flat looked fantastic – and he sat down to wait. [more]

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