Sunday, May 13, 2007

Did you notice?

I've not been here...

Went away to York (beautiful city) for a very sedate, but extremely enjoyable Stag weekend. Got back this evening in time to put kids to bed (boy, did I miss them), tell wife I loved her (boy, did I miss her) and put on a clerical shirt (ie Dog Collar) in time to get to some of the Parish 'Barn Dance' in one of my villages. Good to be away, glad to be back.

More about time away, and a sermon for this week (just finished) when i have more time and energy in the morning, or perhaps in the afternoon after services.

ta ta for now


quilly said...

Now that I have you on a feed reader, I don't notice when you aren't here, I only notice when you are. It has just occurred to me, that could be a bad thing.

I am glad you enjoyed your "away." I am twice as glad that you enjoyed your homecoming.

Nick said...

York/Eboracum - a city with so much history to it's names. Constantine (I don't think he was all he is cracked up to have been) began his journey towards being the first Christian Roman Emperor there (he succeeded his father as emperor of his segment of the divided Roman Empire there). It was also highly important to the Vikings.

I have to say that York seems to get cooler archbishops to Canterbury (at least that is... the last two).



Dr.John said...

Its good to ghet a little time away. It lets you know how important everybody is that you cme back to.