Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Soaking up rays

the weather seems to make everything a little better at the moment - not for the poor dry farmers around here, but for most of us the early summer sun is creating generally cheerful vibes. Today we had a meeting all morning talking about 'all age worship', led by our very creative, very funny, very thoughtful Acting Team Rector. The great bit was not just sharing the different ways in which we are engaging various audiences in worship, and reflecting a little on best practice and what might need improving and resourcing, but that we met outside! the meeting took place in my garden, and we sat out in the sun (not too blazing yet) and I am sure the meeting was more productive for it.

My afternoon meeting was in Cambridge, in a coffee shop, but by that time it was hotter and I didn't mind a couple of hours with a fellow minister talking about our 'Worship Leader's course' on which I assist. We were considering our session for this Thursday on 'Pastoral encounters in worship'. A very valuable meeting, and my colleague who I help with this course is fun to be with too!

I got my road tax sorted out for the new car, as my insurance documents arrived today, got to see my little sis who is finishing up her degree at Jesus College, Cambridge, drank way too much coffee, enjoyed the drive in and out of town tremendously (though still not quite as much as I will enjoy biking when I get the BMW back together) and have generally had a good day, thank you very much. I have a meeting at 6.30pm for a local charity of which I am trustee by virtue of my Vicar-hood, then I should be free from 8pm and hopefully will have a chance for a gym and swim to finish off the day.

I have half an hour for a bit of gentle photosynthesis before supper with the family. I'm off to play with my progeny.


Tom said...

Sounds like a good use of a day.

It's a shame to hear about the bike, though. Necessary or not, I never like to hear about a bike in pieces.

Dr.John said...

As I remember those days the best part was time to play with the progeny.

quilly said...

Looks like this day included all the best things in life.