Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Few busy days, again...

Where do I begin? It was quite a weekend. Friday, as previously mentioned, was a trip to London with my daughter, apart from my philosophical misgivings about city life the trip was fun. Having promised her a treat we spent a bit of time with me revisiting my old stomping ground of South Kensington where I was assistant Priest and chaplain to Imperial College School of Medicine. I showed Kat, my baby girl, where we used to live and we then went around the Science Museum and the Natural History museum, followed by a trip to Pizza Hut (she was determined that that's where we were going to eat, and who am I to argue with a beautiful woman!??). Saturday was a pretty normal working day, wedding interview, visiting, sermon preparation, and a very enjoyable trip to friends for a barbie!

Sunday was a good celebration of Pentecost - not a great turnout at my morning service, but a good service nonetheless. The main focus of the day was a Confirmation service for some of the members of our team. We had a great service with the Bishop of Ely preaching very well and all of the candidates really enjoying the service. We had four adult candidates and two young people, I was privileged to prepare the adult group for their confirmation and I must say that they were probably the best, most receptive, thoughtful confirmation group I have ever experienced. It was a good service, the end of a very worthwhile process of preparation. One of the perks of this job is to be able to talk about and consider spirituality and theology at length with a group of people who just want to explore the life of faith.

Yesterday was a day out to see friends in the north of England, a good drive, with a bit of detour on the way back! Typical Bank Holiday weather meant grey and miserable, but the only rain we really had was on the journey. Good to catch up with friends and to spend time with wife and children. Pentecost sermon will be posted when i have more time.

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Dr.John said...

I used to love Confirmation day but we didn't get a Bishop. We had all the luck.
I spent Monday with wife and family as well. It was a great day.