Monday, May 07, 2007

Last night's talk

Last night saw the return of our 'informal' service, which i get to play guitar at and lead sometimes. the music was great, uplifting and enjoyable. I did a talk, which I can't decide if I am glad I did, or whether it was inspired or cobbled together. Here's the start and if you want to read more then follow the link.

Salvation and sanctification

Following on from a conversation I had during our series of Lent talks I want to try and dig a little deeper into the issues of salvation and sanctification which both Paul Gildersleve and Mike Booker touched on when we talked about the Creed over a number of weeks. I think there is some confusion about what these terms mean and just what it means to be saved...

In some traditions of the Church being saved is ‘it’ – that’s the purpose of what we do, that’s the purpose of being Christian. The focus of the work of the Church is to draw people in that they may be saved!

Of course, that is what we all want to see, that people are drawn in to the new life of Christ, that the know freedom from sin and that the death and new life of Christ are theirs as they are opened up to the Spirit of God in the new life which faith in Christ offers. I am not trying to distract from that. We are called to spread the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, and to invite others into the fullness of life which he offers.

But it doesn’t stop there. [more]


Dr.John said...

Because we are at the same time Saint and Sinner the problem of sanctification is always with us. WE belong to God, we rejoice in that belonging and yet we fight against it.
A good sermon.

Tom said...

Christians spend a lot of time trying to figure our why we're not perfect. I think this sermon puts that in good perspective.

It's a little disappointing because it doesn't provide an easy way to become perfect though. You should add that bit.