Sunday, October 07, 2007

Converstation starter

This week's blog talkers question

Tell us:

List three things you did this past week. Out of those three: what was the most fun? What made it fun?

Well, this week has been slightly overshadowed with me feeling muzzy headed and grim with a cold, and unusually I had to spend an afternoon in bed (on my day off! Why can't I feel ill on a work day?) so that's one of three.

Yesterday we had our annual 'safari supper' in one of the villages I serve - you know the form, starter in one house, main course in another, pudding in another, coffee another. It's one of the highlights of the year, which reading again looks like we have very empty lives - not so! It's a time when lots of people who don't necessarily join in other stuff, and rarely join in Church events, come and socialise, laugh, consume a fair amount of wine and generally have a good time. The hosts work incredibly hard to provide good nosh and the company is excellent. Definitely the best of my three choices!

Third, I kind of started blogging again - as you may have noticed. I've put up more posts in this last week than i have over the past couple of months, and I've enjoyed it. There's no one particular post that I've really enjoyed doing, just getting back into the swing of things here in the blogosphere has been enjoyable, alongside catching up with blog pals (I've visited most of the links on the right, plus many of the blog carnival posts at Naomi's. It's not been great for my sleep, as I often read blogs after all my other work is done, so rarely before midnight, but it has been fun.

That's my two cents worth, now pop over to blog talkers and sign up and I can read what you've enjoyed in the past week!


quilly said...

I am not signing up at Blog Talkers because blogging already consumes much of my life, however, my highlight of the week had to be my day at Ma'ili Beach. So may shells, such small pockets .... There was also warm salt water, bouncy waves and my love and best-friend to share it with. God is good.

Sank said...

Hey Vicar, I'm signed up at blogtalkers- good idea. I have to poke at you a bit, "nosh"? Did you say that the Church folks layout a good nosh? I am having an impact, I'm so proud!

Nick said...

Oh dear three things.

1. Played online Uno for the first time in my life.

2. Gathered acorns.

3. Helped a kid unravel a swing that some toerags had slung over the frame repeatedly.

If I was pious I'd say 3. but because of the company I was keeping whilst playing Uno... I shall say 1. :-)

Some of my recent blogging has reflected this.


madamspud169 said...

I'd like to say a welcome to BlogTalkers it's great fun & the questions aren't always easy but they do make great subjects to write about.

I love the church thing where you visit other peoples homes & make new friends, have fun & even get fed. I think if my church did something like that here then maybe others would get involved in church because as enjoyable as cleaning the church is to some people it is only a few that would think so & that is really all my church offers.

tegdirb92 said...

that safari supper sounds like so much fun! Blogging and posting is so much fun. wonderful post! Have an enjoyable week.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the mention Alastair. I do appreciate you posting in the carnival. I know how busy you have been. Your safari supper sounds like fun. I haven't signed up to blog talkers yet due to lack of time. Finding the time to get over to My Blog Log and Spicy Page is difficult at the moment.