Friday, October 05, 2007

Took a test that made me think

Most of these online tests that are available are pretty useless, but this one seemed to make some sense.

I did wonder whether I really do have 'slightly low masculinity' and 'slightly high femininity' - or rather, I wonder what that means. If being sensitive and trying to think of others are feminine qualities, then i have no worries about being like that!

It was an interesting bit of self reflection going through the test, though

Scroll over the colours to see some detail, and see if my blog reflects what's said here....


Anonymous said...

This test pegged me right on. the disturbing thing is that I took a similar test a few years ago with my wife and got similar results. even after 2 years of therapy, my personality, and outlook really haven't changed much.

you are the way you are...once you can wrap your brain around that concept, you will be able to open yourself up for change...whatever that means

Sank said...

This was fantastic, exactly dead on. IF you're wondering I'm a Benevolent Inventor.
Cool stuff, Thanks Alastair

Nick said...

You've probably already seen on my FB profile that I'm a Benevolent Dreamer.

I got a masculinity score of 6 out of 100...LOL!!!

Femininity was 64 out of a 100.

The BBC Brain Gender test seems to confirm this - on a scale of masculinity being 100 and femininity being 0... I scored 25. Having said that, that was because I outscored both men and women in the tests they are typically good at.