Thursday, October 04, 2007

The great quill driving competition

Perhaps time to try my hand at something different! A quick trip via Dr John to Cindra's newly revitalised and renewed, re-invigorated and not particularly re-invented competition to get 18 words of her choosing into a post. So here goes:

Take up thy
quill and walk

An exciting part of our family life is the new experience of having our baby girl (baby no longer, aged six) learning to write. I am amazed at the speed with which her letters and numbers have come along since she started year 1 of school last month. She's been in reception for a year and got the basics of word sounds and reading, now comes the hard work of learning to create, composes and generally get up to spec on the whole writing gig.

It's a real learning process for us oldies too! Moments ago, it feels, we were up to our elbows in
goo , poo and various bodily substances as nappies were changed, sick cleared up, creams and potions were applied (all eco and child-friendly we're led to believe). It does amaze me how newborn nappies can fill with something that seems like a cross between velcro, toxic waste and guac! These were the things that the grandiose concept of 'starting a family' didn't really take into account, and one of those things which no-one tells you about, though you kind of know, before it happens. I guess if people made it too obvious the whole human race would fizzle out as people rejected the whole thing due to lack of stamina.

Anyway, this whole school thing is now something we all have an investment in as we take responsibility, along with our daughter, for the start of an adventure in life-long learning. A far cry from the days of par-tay, and margaritas before we took on the whole grown up thing of raising kids. To think how our lives changed on that October day six years ago when Katherine was born. Now I wouldn't want to be without our little darlings, they have made a wonderful difference in our lives, and pretty much for the better! Anyway, I'm rambling and wanted to get on with telling you about our baby girl's first steps with a pencil, sitting with brow furrowed and look of extreme concentration she is a picture of industriousness as she writes out the words for her spelling test every Thursday - no prizes , but a certain sense of competition with the other children in the class. I did note last week that one of the words she is learning to spell is 'Laptop' - a far cry from the 'ball', 'hoop' and 'stick' of my childhood!

At risk of leaving much unsaid, this parenting business is fun - hard work but fun - I wouldn't want to change it for all the nachos in Mexico (or wherever they come from) and am amazed that in telling you something about my little girl I have managed also to fit in all the words Cindra provided. Go over to the TGQDC for more details.

You have a good day now...


Janey Loree said...

What precious times you are going through with your little ones. Watch out they will grow up fast!!! It is wonderful that you can blog about their experiences as they happen.

Thanks for dropping by Notes That Touch The Heart and yes, Naomi's England goes GONZO! Carnival is fun!!!

Naomi said...

Lovely post Alastair. Children grow up so fast, you have to treasure every moment with them. My best friend had a baby girl at the end of February. Thank you for sharing your precious family memories with us. It sounds like Katherine is doing really well with her letters and numbers.