Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Saturday reflection

It's been a busy day, funeral visiting, sermon writing a renewal of wedding vows service in a garden, some attempts and trying to get my car sorted (I blew something in the engine management system by not sending it to the garage earlier!) alongside the usual collection of phone calls and looking despondently at my study (see last picture and add lots of mess).

I was thinking about writing sermons - I never liked writing sermons early in the week, which I had to do as a curate - as I think they are meant to be dynamic, responsive and open to what is going on at the moment, offering perspectives on a truth that we as Christians believe to be eternal in a way that speaks to the everyday and even to the moment. I have a meeting later in the week where I have to preach a 'trial sermon' to a panel which I am spending more time putting together as it is a special event but usually I like to read the Bible verses set for the Sunday early in the week and leave them to percolate for a few days before actually sitting down on a Saturday evening and writing a text. As anyone who visits my 'new kid deep stuff' blog will know I write out a full text, as usually I construct the reflections quite carefully and don't want to forget anything - though I tend to deviate from the text quite a lot!

So that's my justification for writing my sermons today rather than earlier in the week... It's not just my natural inclination to do things at the last minute (though that is very much my natural inclination) but in order to try and continue making my sermons as dynamic, responsive and open to the prompting of God's Spirit as i possibly can. Not that I can judge whether this happens or not - but we live in hope....

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