Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday's here!

I’ve done two services this morning and have written a sermon for them, now i have to put together some thoughts for this evening when we have a special service for a flower festival! We’ve not had such a festival for a few years in this parish, certainly not since I came, but part of the recognition of different ages and interests in our churches is to do things which appeal to a certain constituent of villages!

Despite being the hip and groovy Vicar i am - I do like flower festivals, not just for the time, effort and creativity that goes into creating the arrangements and displays, but for the sense of community and friendship that is present at such events. I’m looking forward to my trip to Eltisley this afternoon and my service this evening!

So, on with the sermon! As always, the text continues at New Kid Deep Stuff!

Lousy Choice (of followers)?

I am not in the habit of hanging around with Bishops or Archbishops – I have a healthy (Biblical) respect for those in authority, but I don’t make a thing of trying to meet up with them, or catch their attention. At the Bishop’s annual garden party I always say hello and make small talk for a minute then make myself scarce and chat to colleagues.

There is one exception to this – I used to know an Archbishop quite well. He was a very unprepossessing man, diminutive in stature, though very much great of heart. I knew him in the last years of his life, having been the Archbishop of Uganda, predecessor and friend of the African Martyr and Ugandan Archbishop Janani Luwum Bishop Leslie had returned to the UK and became Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich before returning to Cambridge. [more]

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