Friday, June 27, 2008

This is getting freaky

Despite the fact that there is a woman vicar in the picture below, this is in fact a snapshot of my study.... spooky. Apologies if this is fuzzy, it doesn't seem to have saved very well, perhaps worth going to see the original here

Thanks again Dave for summing up the clerical mind so very accurately


Dr.John said...

I didn't have a study but it looks like my old office at the church except it is to neat.

Nick said...

Reading these posts has literally been like waiting all day for a bus and then three come along all at once.

I've been popping every know and then and noticed it had gone quiet.

My desk and bedroom follow a very similar pattern.

The vicar doesn't have to be female in the cartoon. They could be a bit Anglocatholic and be wearing a cassock at home.

They could also have a hippy hairstyle.

The Rev Peter Owen Jones has a mullet... surely that counts!

This particular clearly has a ministry in Hobbiton judging by the size of the pastoral chair.

I sjhould be getting a letter of my own from the Diocese soon :-)

Hope you are well...

God bless