Monday, February 16, 2009

All Human Life Is Here

One of the reasons that I've not had much time to stop and think lately is because I have had, in the past three days, a wedding, a baptism and a funeral. Unusual to have all three so close together, but with all the preparation and visiting that goes with such events alongside the usual commitments of Church and village life it has been something of a whirl over this past week or so.

Things are going well despite all this busy-ness. I have moments where I think I would quite like to just stop, or get away, but that's more to do with fatigue than any great issues over the job or the direction things are going. We are just, as a 'Mission Community' seeking to figure out a bit more of where we are going, what official setup we need to impose on our group of parishes, what the pattern of Sunday services should be etc. In some ways, as I may have said before (brain is a bit fuzzy at the moment) this is where the 'rubber hits the road' as far as my role as Vicar to these parishes goes. I am hoping to set up, preferably alongside our ecumencial partners, some new ventures and to offer some training and resources to those who have roles in planning and leading some of our worship.

It's all very exciting really, though the energy and time that are needed to keep things going as they are sometimes seems to overtake any plans and hopes for other things happening in our Churches!


Melli said...

Yea... but ya know... Apparently GOD thought 24 hours was the perfect amount for a day... so we just have to learn to MANAGE them - right!? As for energy? I never have enough these days...

You will get things going soon -- you know Spring is coming - the days will get longer, and things will just start HAPPENING!

Dr.John said...

Are you the only ordained person in this call or are you part of a team?
I had three churches when I started in the ministry and by the end of the first year I was almost ready to go back to teaching .