Thursday, February 05, 2009

Have been meaning to blog

Like so many things, blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside in the past few days, not that I can pinpoint any particular reason, just lots of distractions.

It certainly isn't because of the snow! Despite most of the UK being covered in snow, and (according to the media) most of the world grinding to a halt, we have had hardly any here in the mild South west. Actually, looking at the weather map it looks almost as if the snow has been avoiding us, and only us - further west has had some heavy snow, and further east, and further north, the south is coast, so there's not been a great impact there - until you get to France where they too have been snowy.

So, much to the chagrin of my wife and offspring, the snow has pretty much bypassed us so far (apparently this might not be the case next week!). I couldn't do much travelling yesterday morning, but by the afternoon it was fine to be out on the roads and I scooted off to do Wedding Preparation afternoon with a couple being married on the 14th of February (very romantic!). It is the first wedding I am doing in these 'new' parishes - and I am very much looking forward to it (not as much as the couple I suspect!).

So, its the everyday that has kept me busy, our midweek services continue to be the anchors which hold my week in place, there has been a lot of preparation for a big service this coming Sunday at which we hope to have some puppeteers as well as a full church! I am looking forward to being a part of the music group and having some new songs to teach the congregation. Along with the scourge of my clerical life, which is the admin that goes along with this parish priest stuff, and a fair amount of guilt over not having done my expenses since July things have been ticking over and on the whole going well!

I am aware it has been some weeks since any sermons were posted, and as some people seem to appreciate them I will try to post a few on New Kid Deep Stuff over the next few days. I have to fit this in around getting my wife's car sorted (it made funny noises and started juddering last week, so the garage have the engine in bits!).

My car has been playing up too! Turbo troubles, but (hopefully) relatively minor. It is just a pain to be driving back and forth to the garage to get these things sorted - though being stranded in the nearest medium sized town (Honiton) did mean I finally got that haircut I have been nagged about for the past couple of months!

So to-do list includes sermon posting, a bit more thinking about questions for Sank and Eric, some more blogging and some sleep - which I am about to attempt now.


Melli said...

Where is New Kid Deep Stuff? I thought this was THE blog... I'm confused. I DO happen to be one of those people who enjoy your sermons. So please do direct me if you're posting them elsewhere. But don't let us bloggers keep you from your real work! ;)

quilly said...

I like your sermons, too, Alastair! I always read them even if I don't comment.

And, I didn't even notice that you've not been blogging since I "see" so much of you on twitter!

Kathryn said...

Your expenses time-warp is a great comfort and inspiration to me...I have a new Treasurer, though, and in her honour have just completed January. If I only believed there was any hope of carrying on that way...