Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hell, snow, we won't go!

For those who have been following my twitters (tweets!) and facebook updates you will know that I have been grumbling about the lack of snow here - when all around the villages and towns seem to have been inundated - that means it is very difficult to get about, but we haven't even had the chance to build a snowman in the Vicarage garden! Three miles West of us, as you crest the hill into the Otter Valley, there was some wonderful snow covering the fields, just north on what is called 'the Seven Mile Straight' there was some impressive drifting by the road, and some very exciting driving trying to get into a village called Stockland, about three miles East - on the other side of our valley - there was enough snow to close the road.

But here its just been slush, freezing, ikky gloop. No fun at all.

Not that any of this is without its problems, whether snow or sleet or ice it is impossibly difficult to get around these parishes. If you do it is often worth the effort! As hopefully these pictures (taken on my iPhone, not with a posh camera or anything) will show. I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful view across the valley from Stockland Hill (next to the local TV mast!) that I had to stop and take some piccies!

But the weather, or 'Extreme Weather Event' as it is being called in the media, hasn't worked in our favour in the local Churches this week. Tomorrow we have a special service at which we were hoping to have puppets, a music group,and a significant congregation (not that we ever have insignificant congregations!). Having driven across today I suspect many will not be able to make it, the snow is compacted on some of the hilliest parts, with frost adding to the ice on the roads this evening. So some of the music group will probably struggle to get there, the puppeteers have (sensibly) asked to reschedule (they come from a few miles away), and the roads will doubtless be treacherous tomorrow.

Also, i had planned to invite all the children from the local schools with a card to be given to each one on Friday. I spent much of thursday designing, printing and cutting these cards, only to have school called off, so now i have 250 colourful bookmarks :-)

The best laid plans etc etc

So we may find we have a more intimate, mellow congregation than planned. Not that I am complaining, I suspect it will be worth any trouble it takes to get there!


Dr.John said...

Be thankful you don't get blizzards on Christmas Eve or Easter. We did a number of times in Upper Michigan. I know how sad it is to put in lots of preparation only to have the service snowed out. But it shouldn't last long.

quilly said...

I suspect you were correct an service was wonderful since your after service Tweet was full of joy and thanksgiving.

The Old Fart said...

It seems that Winter has hit a lot of the world more so than it usually does. Our snow cam in December (two weeks before Christmas) made the driving horrible for a bit and is still bad in some parts of the country.

You got to Admit that it is Pretty to look at though. Here is hoping Spring is just around the corner.

Melli said...

Well... I guess now I have to scurry UP the board to find out about that service!