Monday, February 09, 2009

No accounting for taste

It constantly amazes me how tasteless I can be!

Worth explaining that opening statement, I think. No matter how much I have learnt, no matter how many different music tastes or styles or genres I have been exposed to, or how much theatre I have experienced, or books I have read, or art i have appreciated, some things never change.

I still love REO Speedwagon's 'Roll With the Changes'. I finally got around to adding it to my iTunes library this evening, and my iPod will see it appearing with some frequency.

But despite the flippancy, it does cause some reflection on those things which we cannot leave behind, or those experiences that make us what we are. In lots of ways I like to think that i have gained a certain measure of sophistication, that my life experience has left me wiser as well as older. That I have matured and grown - just this evening (in the pub, because the best conversations take place either there or in Church) we have talked on the theme of 'if I knew then what I know now' and wondered about what we didn't learn when we were younger.

Every now and then I have a nostalgic moment - wondering about how things might have been, or whether I would have been better off if x or y were the case twenty years ago. But it comes down to the fact that my life as it is, with the wife and family I have, with the calling I have, with the villages and Church fellowships I serve, is the best place I could be. I do believe that I am in the best place I could be and I thank God for it.

But I still, thanks to my teenage years and the experiences then which make me who I am, have a soft spot for REO Speedwagon, it may not be cool, but I love it!


Melli said...

Alastair... you're talking to the girl who's absolute FAVORITE song of all time is Rod Stewart's Maggie Mae.... you know... it's not always about being cool! (but ya know what I like BEST about Rod? He matured with me - and now he's crooning!) LOL! But just so you know... IF I had an iPod, I would put REO's Keep On Lovin' You on it.

quilly said...

I have an iPod. I bought it for OC almost one year ago. It is still in the box. And that's how old fashioned and out of touch WE are!

Dr.John said...

Some things we do just because we liker them.
I read Scientific American every month and have for years. The information isn't going to do much for me but I like to read it anyway.

The Old Fart said...

I think everything we do in life is a Living Lesson that we use in future. I think about the decisions I made in the past as I don't think I'd change all that much.

One of my favorite songs is Judy Collin's "I Think Its Going To Rain Today". I can listen to it over and over and not tire of it. I still don't know how the 45 made it to the house as Dad would have classed it as the "Junkie Jivy Stuff". Playing the 45 at 78 rpm making Judy sound like one of the Chipmunks drove my Mum crazy till one day the 45 disappeared.

Oh, nothing wrong with listening to REO Speedwagon.

Anonymous said...

sure you hearken back to the tunes of "REO Speedwagon", I spend my time listening to "The Jam." funny how we cross paths

Marion said...

At times, I wish I had the knowledge I have now, back then when I was a wasteful teenager flinging back lessons I didn't recognize for what they were intended.

I like REO Speedwagon, as well, along with so many others. But each time I listen to those old songs, I travel back to what I was doing when the song became a hit. It's great!