Monday, May 08, 2006

Another quickie

The observant amongst you may have noticed firstly that i did manage to edit my bookmarks to add the witness mag and that i have removed e-church active online magazine. The sad decision was made to cease producing the magazine and the cost of keeping the site up was prohibitive. They are looking into archiving the material (very good stuff) when they find a sympathetic (ie preferably free) host but for the time being the e-Church active link just takes you to a rather sad page saying goodbye. I did feel a deep sorrow when i found it was folding, because i thought it was good stuff and because it was my first ever proper writing break - thanks to Brian and Richard at amp for keeping it going and to Sue Elvidge for the sterling editorial job. Fortunately we can still see Sue's work on Surefish where she writes various articles and amp (active media publishing) is still going and producing other good stuff.

All things must pass.

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