Sunday, May 07, 2006

Still blogging!

Well after the joys of the election and my dental surgery (not sure which was worse) i am now back on the go and have just finished a rather weighty talk about the book of Ruth which tries to apply some of the content of that wonderful, romantic, episode in the time of the Judges to our present 'Post modern' world (eeek, the PM word.! i might just post it here, although it stretches to quite a few words.

i do love doing theology, it does stimulate the old brain and faith cells. Plenty to think about, perhaps it will be my next post. I will see if i can blog it through WORD and then you can comment for yourselves, or ignore it completely as seems most expedient for you...

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Jem said...

Hope the dental stuff wasn't too horrid ... and as to the state of local council politics, at least they have little to do with the illegal terrorism the UK government is involved with in Iraq.