Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Keeping it real

Thanks to Dave for thoughts on my previous post - words of wisdom ' Don't be a slave to the blog...'

Enjoyed setting up new shape blog - ie new links, some extra buttons and generally getting to grips with how these things work (or don't, sometimes) it was a small exercise in being creative and felt very rewarding!

It seems the best way to blog is a little at a time, i have really enjoyed reading a variety of blogs lately, esp through ukGodblogs and britblog and the most engaging have snippets with the occasional longer post. Was grateful to Ali for her response to my uber-long Ruth posting and think i might try and put in a longer thought, hopefully with some depth every now and then but on the whole may keep it slimmed down and toned up. You never know, perhaps I too could do the same physically too.

I read somewhere (on someone's blog probably) if you can't spend less than ten minutes a day blogging then you are blogging too much! Not sure if I agree completely, but get the sentiment.

Am in process of planning a day for those on a Worship Leading Training Course that I am helping to run. The theme is 'For those outside the usual congregation' - which is most of the world then! Obviously lots to think about, and my ten minutes is up!

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