Monday, May 22, 2006

Distractions and diversions

Well, have laid off the blogging partly because a) have had nothing important to say and b) have had a busy few days. Its been good busy rather than bad busy, though, the new bike has filled up hours as i have taken it out in preference to any other form of transport recently! I don't know how long this will last, but i am making the most of every available situation to ride, even in the wind and rain which have been pretty constant since picking it up on Thursday! (Not a fairweather biker me!)

Had some very good things going on, a short and even enjoyable PCC (Parochial Church Council) meeting, wedding rehearsal and wedding, baptism (done admirably by the Curate), couple of hospital visits, a number of services, the Annual Meeting previously mentioned, some sermon writing, some praying (we do that every now and then!) as well as some good time with family (completely adorable kids and scrummy wife) and a great 'bikers and babes 50th birthday' party on Saturday - at which i was the only one who took a bike! Lots of biker gear being worn, even without the machines themselves, and a great local band called Cloud 8 who do some seriously good covers!

Yesterday talked about Jesus command to love one another at the services i led - a reminder that we don't follow a list of rules and regulations as Christians, but a command to love one another as he has loved us, even to the extent of laying down our lives (metaphorically and literally) for our brothers and sisters! One or our Ordinands on placement told a brilliant story to illustrate this, concerning a Japanese POW camp, which had the whole congregation rapt and was very thought provoking, it is apparently a true story and when i can remember the details i may post it here. I would be interested to find out if it really is true, or whether apocyphal!

Got to go, have a group of schoolchildren coming to see the Church here, so want to fortify myself with a ham sandwich before they arrive!

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