Friday, May 05, 2006

Staying up late

Don't know why i do it - am watching election results come up on the BBC Website and feeling depressed. Its not that i feel invested in any of the political parties - my alliegance to Labour has disappeared over the past two years and I left the party 18 months ago - Gulf War, approval of GM crops, PPI, etc etc meant i couldn't hack it any more - plus no one bothered to contact me when i said i wanted to leave so felt no enticement to stay.

There is just something incredibly boring about watchin election results, and feeling let down whatever the result! Sometimes i wish the map just turned green or yellow or something different. I think it is the samey-ness that is so wearing, even with gains by one party or another there is a kind of inevitablitity about it all.

Plus it always seems ages for South Cambridgeshire to declare, so my own sense of personal investment is limited until that point.

Am going to bed now. Got to have dental surgery tomorrow. Preferable to watching any more results come in though!

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