Tuesday, May 16, 2006

grrrr, arghhhh, agggg

What a day!

Had a less positiv experience today of Royston than mentioned in post previously. Was part of an audience of 30 invited to go and see Show of Hands at a showcase in London. It surprises me that i have not mentioned this group before, an excellent acoustic duo whose music is fantastic comprised of Steve Knightley and Phil Beer, multitalented multi-instrumentalists based in the West Countr (God's own land) .

Anyway, accolades aside, i thought a leisurely train journey down to London, would be in order followed by a trip up to Stanmore to visit a young boy in the National Orthopaedic Hospital who had recently had a spine straightening operation. This was the plan.

i arrived in Royston (op. cit) to find not a single parking space, and tried the roads near the station to no avail. So I belted (at a speed unusual for my volvo, but not illegal) to Stevenage, where all six of the very large car parks were full. These endeavours to find a parking space and make use of our public transport system had taken some time, so i decided (after some venting of frustration in the car - I leave that to your imagination) to try the non-preferred route. I set off down the A1 in the 'fatmobile', as it is affectionately known, and tried to get to London by car, with the plan being to dump the car as soon as possible and take a tube/train/rickshaw as possible. Traffic lights, hold ups and various stresses later i finally gave up at 12.58pm, two minutes before the gig was due to begin, when i found myself stuck in traffic at Baker Street - so i turned back and (via a somewhat circuitous route) made my way to Stanmore.

Why am i writing this - purely to let off steam about my inability to use public transport, my frustration at missing a brilliant band playing in an intimate setting and because i feel the need to grumble. What made it worse was that i had forgotten to take the phone number of the organiser to let him know my predicament and fill the valuable space that my frustrastions had left!

Now, if i'd had a motorbike to take me it would have been another story - so i phoned the dealer where my new friend now resides and arranged to pick it up on Thursday not Saturday!

The one highlight of my day was going on the new bypass at Baldock - am not in favour generally of cutting through vast swathes of countryside to build roads, but this was lovely, and probably has saved the residents of Baldock a huge amount of hassle by opening early!

Must look up Baldock in the meaning of liff!

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