Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Filling in time

Waiting for someone to drop in for a meeting so i thought i would pop on and say hello! Like many of my postings i'm actually starting with no idea what i want to say, so 'hello' may well be the deepest part of this post!

Am in the process, still, of preparing the 'Worship Leader's Day' - this is part of a very exciting move in the Diocese of Ely to not only claim it wants lay leadership, but to actually do something about it. We are training a small group (about 15) of people who will have an active part in leading worship in their parish Churches. These Churches are all rural, and all have Clergy, or at least have Clergy coming soon if they are in interregnum, so it's not just a stopgap measure to try and fill the gap left by not having a Vicar. It may not seem radical but in the overclericalised world of the C of E (esp in rural areas) its a great breakthrough and a wise move on the part of the Church towards actually getting more people involved.

My only concern is that it could be a response to a drop in Clergy numbers, not based on the theological premise of 'every member ministry' or, more accurately, 'The priesthood of all believers'

Got to stop now, meeting about to begin

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