Monday, September 18, 2006

A brief hiatus

I'm not going to be blogging for a few days, i did wonder about presenting this as a blog fast, which i have seen a few others do - often citing very high ideals for doing so. Unfortunately i have no such ideals, I am going away early in the morning for a conference of all the Clergy in our Diocese.

It should be a good few days, with the usual seminars, talks, worship that goes on at these conferences, the bonus is that, for financial reasons, we are going to France! Odd as it may seem, it is cheaper to bus 150 Clergy to northern France to a nice ex-seminary (where they serve wine with the meals) than to go to a less comfortable but nearer British Conference Centre.

Another bonus is that i am going on my motorbike and a few of my guitars, amps, music books, pedals, leads etc have made their way in 'the van' that is taking most of the gear. So I don't have to spend four hours or so on a bus with 50 other Vicars! Not that i would mind that, really, the Clergy of this Diocese are a good bunch. It will be fun to zap along the French motorways on my beemer though.

If i do find an internet cafe i may well end up blogging anyway, otherwise see you soon.


Jeremy said...

Hope France, and the conference are cool, and the motorcycling both ways also serves you well.

Shant said...

Sounds interesting. "Be careful." I'm sure your wife has already said that..