Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First experience of being a stay at home dad!

I wanted to call this post 'lifechanges' or something pretentious, but really couldn't bring myself to do that, so a slightly inaccurate, but getting vaguely something of the point i want to across heading it is then! I wouldn't want anyone to think I've never had the children to look after for the day, but our new pattern of life is slightly different 'and it got me to thinking' as a witty and catchy friend of mine used to say.

My daughter started school this week (soooo sweet in her school uniform) and Jo and I are learning to juggle our work/home/school commitments in a whole new way. On three days of the week I have to go to the school (about 10 mins walk) with the two kids, drop Katherine at school and take Jack on to the childminders (another 10 minute walk), then about 10 minutes back (a triangular rather than a circular route).

This may not seem like much but it changes the whole shape of the day and means that i can't be at morning meetings until 9.30 - and as most of them start at 9.15 it means that my reputation for tardiness is not going to improve. Also I'm walking at the start of each day - lovely in the present late summer sunshine, but when the weather gets autumnal and worse....

Anyway, all of this is to say that I don't know how stay at home mums (it is a majority of women who undertake these duties around here) cope with this every day, i did it for the first day today and i am shattered! Kudos to the stay at home parents.

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