Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some music

I thought I'd not mentioned any music for a while, so I will take the opportunity to add a few links from a favourite artist of mine who is a wonderful songwriter and musician and whose music i have enjoyed for the last decade. Pierce Pettis:

I am in fact listening to this as i write, a masterful exposition of the singer-songwriter craft. Or if that sounds too pretentious a wonderfully written, well played, well sung album filled with intelligent lyrics and excellent melodies, coupled with Pettis' bittersweet observations of life and musical craftsmanship.

Highlighting both his songwriting gifts and guitar skills, as well as a cracking cover of the Mark Heard classic 'tip of my tongue' this is a great album for inspiring smiles and tears. Highlights include 'god believes in you' and a wonderful one for parents 'my little girl' - in fact every song is a highlight

Possibly my favourite Pettis album - though it depends on what time of day you ask me! This is full of thoughtful and beautifully written, played and sung songs. I love the instrumental 'Grandaddy blew the whistle' which really does give the atmosphere of an old steam train journey. My favourite track of all time, whatever time of day it is, is found on this - 'Absalom' which gives a very different approach to a well known Bible Story and helps the listener to enter into the Bible text in a whole new, engaging and heartbreaking way. 'Hold on to that heart' is also another high spot on this one.

Don't share much about the music i listen to despite the fact that my life is filled with the stuff. Try some of this out and enjoy. I am about to listen to Absalom and then go to bed...

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moog said...

I remember seeing him at greenbelt in 97 or something. I was amazed by his guitar playing ability. Quite awesome. I don't own any of his tunes, so may investigate