Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September 11th

Having passed the day (at least here in the UK) I just wanted to say something about the fifth anniversary of the atrocities committed on September 11th 2001. I have been impressed, on the whole, with the blogsphere's response to this anniversary and particularly moved by many of the tributes to the 2996 people that died that day which have appeared on many blogs - each one remembering one individual.

If i could add one thing, it would be an equal remembrance for those who have died since, in terrorist atrocities, factional fighting, and as the result of nationalist and fundamentalist aggression. The world often seems a dark place to live in, and those who have remembered the significance of the individuals who paid the price for fanaticism and intolerance are seeking to reclaim some of the light of those lives extinguished by these acts of terror.

I hope we can all continue to seek the light and turn away from the darkness.

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Jem said...

I was struck by the Guardian newspaper's body count which put those who have been killed by the War on Terror from 9/11 at over 92,469 and those who have killed by terroism since and including 9/11 at 4,319.