Saturday, September 09, 2006

Making peace with your thighs

Hmm, wonder if the title of this will confuse some search engine fanatics...

Went into a Christian bookshop this morning and was greeted with a book that stood out as soon as i entered the shop with the title (you may have guessed due to the subtle hint in the title of the post) 'making peace with your thighs'. It certainly got my attention!

I've not read it, so this is not a comment or reflection on the substance of the book, but i was impressed by the blurb of a book from the mainstream evangelical world which said that we (in the west) needed to get a grip with our self-image obsessions and get on with being who we are! Considering that i have also seen a book called 'fat is a spiritual issue' which seemed to claim that those of us who are large are so because we are not faithful enough it seemed like a good thing! In a culture that is nuts about looking 'good' there are a huge majority of people (including me) who don't fit in, and the idea of a christian 'sub-culture' that re-inforces such negativity does make me angry.

Having said that, I have a whole wealth of self-image issues which i have no intention of expressing on this blog :-) !

Got to get ready for Church tomorrow...

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