Friday, September 08, 2006

wish i'd thought of it first

Have been going over and over the idea of a book for ages now - writing, not reading one, i do plenty of that! On trawling the net i see the title i was thinking of has been taken 'radical orthodoxy' and it exists as a sort of movement which claims not to be a movement already. In some ways i am really pleased, because it combines my own love of patristics and Christian basics with a desire to re-state such Christian foundations for the contemporary world (which is, arguably the role of the Church through history) but in other ways i feel that i rather missed the boat not writing this in 2003 when i first thought of it!

Having said this, apparently a collection of essays which kick-started this non-movement called (inventively enough 'radical orthodoxy') came out in 1999, which means my talks at Greenbelt in 2000 & 2001 were on the cutting edge back then! It also means the actual process of putting this onto paper (or rather, commiting it to disc) started well after the movement (or not) was on the go.

Still want to try and write an accessible book of theological reflection that says something about what many people in the Church actually believe - weaving in the historical creedal statements of the Church and some engagement with contemporary cultural reflection - something which offers, if you like, something for the post post-Evangelicals can move on with. A lofty aim, and probably beyond me, which is why i have been putting it off so long, but one which I still feel some compulsion about.

Do feel free to tell me to get on with it. I've friends who have been trying to do that for, oh, about three years now....

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Jeremy said...

How about 'radicalism and orthodoxy' I'm sure you could bash out a couple of sample chapters for SCM Canterbury by next June. It could be a deliberate counter to some of the nonsense of the Radical Orthodoxy movement (if I'm thinking of the right bunch). Reclaim the phrase!!!