Friday, November 10, 2006

A busy week, an amazing evening

As you can see, posting hasn't happened this week - apologies to those of you who check regularly - i know who you are (actually, i don't, but some people from certain providers in certain countries come back regularly, i don't know exactly who though)

It has been a busy week, with a poorly daughter as well, which has meant any time not taken up with Church business has been family time (which for a whole load of reasons has been good despite the illness of my much loved offspring). So, no novel writing happened, ho hum, and no blogging, ho hum once more.

But here i am now burning to blog because i have just had a great evening in the company (along with a few hundred others) of show of hands, some overwhelmingly talented singer-songwriter-multiinstrumentalists from my part of the world (Devon, in the Westcountry of England) who were slick, incredibly musical, funny, and basically brilliant. They also had a support act previously mentioned on these pages called Martyn Joseph, another great singer-songwriter. Worth checking out both of their websites (just click on their names) and downloading what is on offer. I was going to mention some highlights, but the whole evening was a highlight - though i particularly enjoyed the moment that Martyn came back on stage after his 'special guest slot' and performed one of his all time great songs 'Cardiff Bay' with the show of hands folk, which has now blossomed into a threesome - the addition of a double bass player with a gorgeous voice has added a whole new dimension to their music. The song 'Cardiff Bay' is available as a free download on Martyn's site, this time played with Suzanne Vega's band!

Sorry am starting to rave a bit, it was a wonderful evening though.

It did make me homesick for Devon, though.

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