Friday, November 24, 2006

Greetings and thank you

My sitemeter registers very few details about who comes to this site (you will be glad to know) mainly only numbers, time you stayed and whereabouts you come from - and I'm always glad to see the diversity of visitors, and the different places you're visiting from. It's great to have people from all over the world who take some time to browse these thoughts, I've not travelled much, but I've learnt plenty from all the international friends and colleagues I've had over the years. So greetings to you all wherever you're from and thanks for stopping by.

And if I've not had the chance to update things for a few days please do feel free to mooch around, there's plenty in the archives, even some pictures! Mi casa, si casa (or however you spell that!)

Oh, and do leave a comment if you have a mo...

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