Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A quote

My 'Rural Theology Association' conference on Saturday was excellent, because it was all concerned with Mission...

I know that 'Mission' is the in-word in British Christian circles at the moment, but there was a great reminder from the Bishop of Exeter who (quoting someone i can't remember, so anyone who can attribute this please let me know) said

'It's not that the Church of God has a mission, but that the God of Mission has a Church'

Apologies if i got that wrong, but the gist of it is clear...

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Suse said...

I wasn't there and I am sorry I am not all that sure who it is you are talking about. But... I am currently studying mission and the key point that really stuck me was the one that you have cited. That it's God's mission and He is a mission hearted God. He invites the Church to join in what he is doing not run it ourselves.
(hopingthat make sense)