Sunday, November 26, 2006


Rumours is a weekly email list which sends stuff out about the readings for the next week.

That sounds really boring, its not, it is funny, thought provoking and well worth getting, all you need to do is sign up and you will get Ralph Milton's thoughts for the week, a joke or two, a look at the Psalm for the week, some funny stories, and a variety of bits and bobs which are far more interesting than the usual blurb in the electronic mailbox! Here's his instructions for joining and leaving:

To Subscribe:
* Send an e-mail to: rumors-subscribe[at]
* Don't put anything else in that e-mail

To Unsubscribe:
* Send an e-mail to: rumors-unsubscribe[at]
* Don’t put anything else in that e-mail

I've put [at] instead of the usual symbol to keep those ever present spambots from picking up the address easily... Thanks to moog for that tip...

The other thing to remember is make sure your spam filters let rumours in! If you want to see a copy of rumours before signing up then send me a mail fracme [at] and I will happily forward one to you.

Ralph is responsive to thoughts, critique, humour and other email snippets too, plenty of interaction available on this list - so give it a try.

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