Friday, November 03, 2006

What's it all about?

Thanks to melodrameric for the comment on my last post - asking what the novel is all about. What can I say? I couldn't do deep (as offered by melodrameric in my last request for ideas) in a month, and the advice for us beginners is 'write what you know' so, guess what, its about a Vicar, who's a biker, and who writes. It's meant to be funny, bit of romance perhaps, bit of a reflection about this odd life that ministers are called to, but who knows, it's all coming out at random at the moment and like most things in my life it is unplanned and pretty well unprepared, i just want to have a go at it. Still stuck at 1000 words, not because of any kind of block, but because time is limited at the moment. Got an hour now, though, so need to get on with it... here we go

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Marion said...

Sounds we get to read it?

Good luck, and may the muse sit on your shoulder often!