Monday, November 20, 2006

One enjoyable part of my weekend

There were lots of enjoyable parts to my trip away, but i enjoyed my Friday morning when i had the chance to meet with someone who reads my blog and who happens to be my mum's boss! To sit and talk about faith and theology for an hour or more was a real joy (some readers may be slightly bemused by this concept). As an elder (I think, apologies Henry if I've got this wrong) and part of the leadership/ministry team in an Independent Evangelical Church Henry has very different experience of church and church structures to myself, yet it was great to be able to talk about things which are important in faith and not feel there were ecclesiological barriers, more a concern about what it means to be and do Church for the benefit of our communities. Very refreshing.

I also got a brief conversation with his son who has some exciting hopes for mission and ministry in the town of Exmouth, near where i grew up in Honiton - in fact we lived in Exmouth for a while! I hope this conversation will continue, it sounds good...

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