Monday, November 20, 2006

where was i?

Didn't have time to post before going away so some folk may have thought i disappeared off the face of the earth!

Went off on Thursday to Devon, to see 'me dear ole mum' and to attend a Rural Theology Association Conference. Then on Saturday up to the outskirts of London to stay with a clergy friend who used to live in the very house i now live in, who is now Vicar of Hook in Surrey and to preach in his Parish on Sunday Morning at the two morning services...

Then a dash back to Cambridgeshire on Sunday afternoon to speak at our Team Evening Worship service on the theme of 'Jesus and the Law'

I suspect both sermons/talks will be posted here very soon.

Very enjoyable time, though very tiring. Circumstances back here in the parish meant that i didn't get all my preparation done before going away, so had to take a laptop and books and get some writing done whilst on the move, as it were. My only disappointment is that the 'Big Blue Beastie' - ie my Motorbike - decided that its battery had had enough and died as i was about to load up and head off. I had to take the clunky old Volvo with me, which meant i could carry much more gear but made the journeys considerably less fun than they should have been.

I did have a bit of a consoling moment in the way down. As i drove around the M25 (the world's largest car park) and the traffic slowed down to a jam the sunset (which being the insensitive type i am i rarely notice) was stunning, overwhelming! I said a quick prayer of thanks for God laying on the entertainment for those of us stuck in traffic and really did find my spirits lifted for the whole trip after that - it was wonderful. And the volvo made it without any trouble, so much to be grateful for.

This would be an exceptionally long post if i were to go into detail of all that happened over the past few days, so i will split things up a bit over today and tomorrow and leave it for now.

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