Sunday, October 22, 2006

Been kinda quiet around here

When i say around here, i mean on the blog - that's because it has been anything but quiet in the real world in these parts. It's been a good week and there is lots i could say about it, and will do so as i process all the information through my internal spam filters... so i'm not filling your brains up with lots of junk (or at least no more than usual)

Spent lots of the week feeling really tired and wishing i had been able to take a couple of days out to recover from this heavy cold rather than just feeling grotty for ages. Things have been very busy though, and this week has seen a clergy 'vision' day as we discussed the next move for our team of thirteen parishes, a couple of sessions of 'wedding preparation' which had to be fitted in around a school governors meeting, team council meeting, two wedding rehearsals, two PCC meetings, two weddings, my final Harvest Supper of the year, visiting and a variety of 'one to one' meetings with churchwardens etc. Yesterday was the culmination of all that as we had two great weddings - one here in my home parish and one in another of the Parishes I minister to where i used to live until a couple of years ago.

The second wedding had the extra bonus of being the local hotelier/publicans who were gettting married, so having spent a year getting them to this point i was really touched to be asked to do the service myself. It was one of the most enjoyable wedding services i have ever been to or officiated at, relaxed, enjoyable, fun, with a couple who obviously knew what they were doing and are deeply committed to each other. This was followed by a great party (to which i was invited) in their hostelry, which i gave up on at about 1am, and was given a room in the hotel bit of the pub - followed by a hearty full english breakfast when i dragged myself out of bed this morning to finish preparing and to do my service this morning. But more about that service in another post...

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Marion said...

Wow...sounds like a really busy time!

Hope your cold goes away quickly. I am looking forward to the wedding post!