Thursday, October 19, 2006


I have had the chance during my last few days of feeling not-so-great to get on with some thinkificating (as George W might say). Yet when i sit down to write something (as i'm doing now in order that i can escape clearing up my office for ten minutes) i don't seem to have anything to say - not that this has stopped me from blogging before!

On Sunday evening, when i was actually feeling tired and generally urghhhh (it's a word). I led our informal worship & teaching service which was, in a certain ironic twist, based around the theme of 'Jesus and Healing'. It was a very good service, my cold remained all the way through but i didn't drip on my guitar 0r lose my voice. The bit that stood out, though, was the talk from our curate Alexandra - as she talked about healing she didn't go through any of the hackneyed stuff about what might have happened and how Jesus might have been able to heal through this method or consider whether the Gospel records of healings were confabulations or descriptions of psychosomatic healing events. Instead she spoke about healing being a sign of the kingdom, about the records of Jesus healing being a part of the message of Jesus itself. Obviously she said a lot more than that in a much clearer and engaging way but what struck me was how refreshing it was not to hear a Christian leader feeling the need to justify or explain faith, but to proclaim it - not to try and offer rational explanations, but to allow God's agenda of healing and life and wholeness to be stated, powerfully and openly.

good stuff...

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