Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taking it easy

Thanks for the encouraging comments to my last post - it seems that time out is something of a luxury for many of us!

There's an ancient Christian tradition of 'slowing' which is referred to by John Ortberg in his book 'The life you've always wanted' (naff self help type title, good book - I've probably said this before) - it is something that i have sought to undertake, as a kind of spiritual discipline, something that i do consciously to remind me of God's call and sway on my life. It involves simple stuff, not always rushing to get to places, weeding out the diary so there is plenty of time to travel, driving in the slow lane, deliberately choosing the longest queue at the supermarket and that kind of thing - not exactly rocket science, but when it becomes part of the fabric of life it creates a whole new mindset. Of course i am my own worst enemy when it comest to this, as recent posts would attest, but when i do follow this course i find my attitude is calmer, i sleep better and feel refreshed and i enjoy things more. As well as this i have more time for prayer and both silent and noisy meditation. But more on that another time.

In a week or two expect more posts saying how busy i am, but for now....


Tom said...

I actually hadn't thought about slowing down quite like you said. I certainly hadn't thought of picking the longest line in the grocery store.

Worth thinking about.

Polly said...

Hmm. I hadn't heard of this book, but the blurb on Amazon is intriguing to me. I agree that God wants to be part of our WHOLE LIFE, not just our "spiritual" life. I may have to pick this one up. Thanks a bunch!


Jem said...

I read a quote the other week, think it's G K Chesterton 'to catch a train you must always miss the one before'.

Liked your life application!!!