Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Regaining my good humour

After the madness of the past few weeks (months? years?) i have a few days off, well kind of, i'm just going to a meeting now and one this evening which i set before trying to take the remainder of my annual leave this week. Anyway, a lazy monday, with wife and children away at the seaside followed by yesterday and today looking after the little ones with Jo at work has seen a sudden return of my 'not feeling quite so frazzled' vibe. I have loved just playing with the kids, laughing a lot and relaxing in the evenings. It's also given me a chance to read some enjoyable books (still getting through Alistair Cooke's Letter from America collection and have started Terry Pratchett's excellent Thud) and watch some TV (NCIS is a favourite at the moment, like CSI without all that faffing about in the labs and more chases!) I've also tried to rationalise my MP3 collection - having burnt gazillions of my cds onto disk for easy accesss i never really catalogued any or put them in any order.

Alongside this, time to think rather than spend most of my days 'doing' - wonderful.


Scog Blog said...

Only onto Thud! I have just finished Wintersmith - the nac mac feegle make a welcome return! Now on to Stephen Lawheads Hood. In amongst all the theology books that go with being a Reader-in-Training!

Marion said...

How wonderful when we get time to think!

It puts things back into balance.

Alex said...

: )

melodrameric said...

NCIS over CSI, your kidding! If you want the real blend of both action and intellectual crime solving/bad guy thwarting, you gotta go with '24'. Although, it should be taken in moderation as it can be terminally addictive.

Alastair said...

In order:

Scog - great to hear from you again! I am only onto Thud because i wait until things are out in paperback before i read them, would be nice to say it was a matter of principal, but its just what i do.

Marion - thanks, lots to think about on your blog.

alex - :-) right back at ya

melodrameric - i didn't say NCIS was better than CSI - just faster, at least didn't mean to say that anyway. Certainly less content in ncis! 24 makes my brain melt, absolutely brilliant, addictive and certain to lose you sleep!

Annie Porthouse said...

glad you've had a bit of time to relax... i'm on 1/2 term for 2 wks, so quite relaxed really (tho do have to look after the kids, but at 7 and 8 they're not too hard!)