Friday, October 06, 2006

The danger of blogging that people might actually read what you say and think about it, which opens up a whole load of possibilities, like they may not agree with you, or may have a better grasp of something than you, or might be rude, or, well the list goes on...

Still open to comments, though. Be kind to me ;-)

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melodrameric said...

Why blog? Here's an insight I grabbed from Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard who grabbed and quoted Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together:
"Within the spiritual community there is never, nor in any way, any immediate relationship of one to another, whereas human desire for community, for immediate contact with other human souls, just as in the flesh there is the urge for physical merger with other flesh."

As I read many blogs, I notice so many of them are diary entries. So many of us want/need to be known. A personal blog supports that need. It need not matter whether the thoughts are erudite or not. The desire is that someone will read about in be interested in the fact that you put bananas in your Cheerios that morning.