Monday, October 30, 2006

Blasts from the past

One of the reasons i have been so terrible at blogging for this past week or so is because i have been ripping all of my cds onto my PC hard drive for easy access, and it has meant that i have been listening to some of the music i've not heard for a very long time and loving it. It's great to rediscover your roots! I am amazed by some of the stuff i used to listen to constantly, as looking back it all seems a bit naff, but at the same time i still love it! Most of it was heavy rock - whitesnake, van halen, dave lee roth, king's x but some prog rock stood out and has stood the test of time, yes (preferred trevor rabin era, but like most of it) and marillion particularly.

In fact in the past few days some of my old marillion stuff has been played again and again, both with fish and steve hogarth in lead vocal position. I loved the poetry of fish's lyrics, and the way he tackled tough subjects with depth and some beautiful words. I also remembered how excited i was when steve hogarth joined the band, and went to see them playing their first full uk gig in London with him as vocalist, fantastic night!

Alongside all of this i have listened again to bruce cockburn (the man is a genius), some Zappa, Pat Metheney, Show of Hands, Martyn Joseph, Genesis, Dare (probably my faviourite band of all time), Steve Vai, Underworld, Freur, Alexi Murdoch, Scrubs soundtrack, the list goes on an on, all pretty eclectic. My preference now is for more acoustic stuff, though (as you may have guessed) pretty much any guitar work will do - as long as its done well.

i love the way, too, that songwriters craft their words, poetry for the modern day (or postmodern day!?!!) - alongside straight poetry, if there is such a thing, obviously.

There you are, a peek into my world. I'm off to lead a confirmation class now, which has nothing to do with music whatsoever.

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