Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's the little (and big) things.....

I have never seen roads as damaged, broken and messed up as some of the lanes around here. It has got to the point that lovely wife and I decided we might need to invest in a bigger vehicle - so we have bought a Land Rover Discovery. Some Land Rovers have something of a reputation as 'Chelsea Tractors' - ie 4x4's driven by people in towns and cities who will never need such a vehicle - but around here the large wheels and 4 wheel drive capability is proving to be a necessity - our Discovery is a thirteen year old slightly bashed workhorse that is designed to be driven through stubborn terrain!

And the 'little thing' mentioned in the title is that it is fun to drive! You need to actually drive it, unlike our other cars which despite being 'manual transmission' are simple and easy this one needs thinking about, and is great fun! The 'big thing' is the car itself - it is huge, another reason why you need to be aware of what's going on and careful driving it... I've been out in it last night and this afternoon, and though it won't be my main car I am feeling more confident in it and don't feel quite so daunted by the state of some of the lanes around here now. The joys of being a rural Vicar!

Today was also an important day because I got to announce for the first time publicly that we are having our Curate join us!

And deftly woven into this post, another Thought for the week - only a few left now before it being, as it should be, a weekly occurrence!

Liking Atheists!

I like Atheists. Perhaps a strange way for a Vicar to begin a Thought For The Week, but it’s true! I have been impressed by the honesty, the intellectual rigour and the willingness to ask questions of the Atheists I have met and read the writings of – including Professor Richard Dawkins who recently took part in a service in one of our village Churches. We could all learn a lot from those who question and the life of faith shouldn’t been seen as one of mindless obedience, but instead, as it says in Mark’s Gospel we should ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind’. We should employ all our intelligence and feeling to faith just as we should to all of life; keep asking questions, keep thinking, keep honest, keep loving– and may God reward your searching…and your finding.

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Melli said...

AMEN to that thought Vicar! I am sO glad to hear you like Athiests! I'm afraid I would not think you MUCH of a Vicar if you proclaimed to HATE them! LOL! I DO admit that they often drive me CRAZY with their questions that can not be answered by any OTHER answer than ... it's faith. You know I live amongst a FAMILY (whom I dearly love) of Athiests! They forever want PROOF of God's existance - but do not accept the proof of the created world! They do not accept miracles that appear to be "consequence"... and that Jesus fellow! Pft! HE's just a story! MY particular Athiests will not educate themselves enought to BELIEVE that Jesus really walked the earth! They won't toss me so much of a bone as the Jew's to at least proclaim Him a Prophet! And the ol' "can a prophet lie about who he IS?" has NO effect on them! They think Kahlil Gibran is only "true" prophet! HELP ME Lord! Help me! (no... seriously... it's not THAT bad... but almost.) I do love them though and have certainly learned a LOT in TRYING to find some way to bring them around!!!

Congratulations on the new car! I'm sure your lovely wife will feel much safer with you trotting about the rural country roads in it!