Sunday, February 07, 2010

Well, that went pretty well

It has been a good day. Having been ill for a couple of days this week (just a bug or something I ate) I was concerned that getting the last minute planning done for our special service this morning might not be achievable - but it was, the music group did well, the readers read well, the children leading prayers was good, the Puppets were fantastic - even my short thought (rather than sermon) was well received.

It was a very unusual service in some ways. We had a visit from the 'Chuppets' - the local Community Church Puppet group who retold (in a very engaging and entertaining way) the story of Jesus stilling the storm. Because this was an unusual visit we had a 'Mission Community Service' which was the only morning service (except for an early Holy Communion) for the five parishes of this group. It meant that we used the format for what is called 'A Service Of The Word' and this allowed us to have a different feel and shape to our Sunday by Sunday worship. It went down well and was enjoyed by most, if not all, of the worshippers.

I then spent the afternoon at the house of friends whose daughter was having a party to which my daughter was invited. It meant I had three hours of relaxed chill time with good company and enjoyed that immensely.

So a good day.

In celebration of this I will post the next 'Thought for the Week' - still playing catchup, but getting there. This one appeared in the middle of last month!

Wherever You Are

Growing up I spent lots of time at Church, Honiton Congregational and Baptist Churches especially. But I also spent time in and around pubs; as barman in the Three Tuns and Coombe House Hotel. For my family, the pub was for making and meeting friends, going to social events and marking special occasions. Going to a pub wasn’t to get as much beer inside you as possible. Church isn’t only for religion. Both are for family, friendship and sharing important parts of life. Now I am a Vicar and a volunteer at the Yarcombe Inn, it seems both those things have come back together! God is a part of all of life and doesn’t live in Church buildings. The Bible says God is with us always, the Holy Spirit can inspire and guide anyone, and Jesus came to save the world – not just the Church or religious types, but everyone.


Melli said...

Indeeeeeed He did! And there lies the HOPE for my family!!!

Glad you got to have an afternoon of fun relaxation and visitation!

quilly said...

I've picked up on my Christian reading again and -- though it sounds odd -- that reminds me of the differences in all of us, and that Jesus isn't here only for the folks, "just like me".