Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where does the time go?

In a supreme irony, it only seems like yesterday when I resolved to keep blogging! And here I am two months later wondering why I stopped for so long... and wondering why, at nearly quarter to two in the morning I am here now.

The truth is that I have thought often about things to say but not been sure how to say them. A few things have hit me in the past couple of months and I've not been sure about what to say about them. First of all was the death of George, one of those who was always so enthusiastic and supportive about me keeping up a blog, George died of the cancer he had been fighting for some years, long before I was privileged to meet him. I feel guilty that the weeks before he died were so busy that I didn't get to see him, and the end came (mercifully) quickly, and surprised us all.

George's death was surrounded and followed by a number of other funerals, some of which were quite difficult. Death is never easy, but some circumstances compound the pain and hurt that the loss of a loved one inevitably brings. We seem to have had quite a few of those - and I do put a lot of time and energy and emotion into such events and then find I don't have the time or emotional wherewithal to get to grips with blogging.

The pub has continued to keep me occupied. Tonight the show that was the original impetus to us getting the Yarcombe Inn up and running was aired and I remembered just how much effort we had all put into the original endeavour, and how much it still takes. It was a pretty good representation of the even though, even though some of the key players weren't terribly visible and didn't get the credit they deserved. The pub continues to be at the heart of the community and to offer a place where all sorts of events, including a Church group called 'Agnostics Anonymous' can happen.

I've also become a published writer - admittedly only 150 words a week, but still something which takes a little time and effort to get done. A local newspaper asked me to make a contribution (or rather, I offered the skills of lots of local Clergy but was asked to take it on myself) and I have enjoyed the experience of having to think about these thoughts for the week and may well publish them here, at least I will remember to post at least once a week!

To all of the above events add the Christmas chaos, some terrible weather which prevented all travel for a few days, the joy of my son's fifth birthday, various important events, a week out of action with a dodgy neck and the general busyness of ministerial life and there's my nine weeks or so out of the blogging circuit in a nutshell.

So thanks for coming back if you have returned after some time. Normal Service will be resumed as soon as plausible.

God bless


quilly said...

Alastair -- I am sure that you are doing what is is you are supposed to be doing. If God needed you to blog more often he'd see to it you had both time and motivation, wouldn't he?

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, George. I am certain that knowing "the right thing to say" doesn't help in the least when you are the one hurting.

Anonymous said...

The best scotch takes a long time to make, and only comes in limited quantities. But when you get some, it's very statisfying. I can wait.

Melli said...

Sure sure sure! :) What Quilly said!
WE obviously don't need you as much as some others do! But we ARE happy to SEE you when you return!

How EVER do you fit anything into only 150 words? That must be quite a challenge for you Alastair! I look forward to seeing some of those "wee" articles!

I, too, am sorry to hear of the death of your friend... I'm rather at a loss, myself, as to what else to say. I hope he was a Christian because that makes all the difference in the world.