Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thought for the week

This was the first of my thoughts for the week, you may be overwhelmed by these for the next few days then very rarely hear from me! These appear in a local East Devon newspaper called the Midweek Herald. It's a rather good local paper, though admittedly I have a vested interest in it!

This appeared in the week before Christmas:

God with us.

When people ask me about what Christmas means I can easily start spouting about a hundred thoughts a minute to do with the often complicated ideas that we Clergy are prone to spout. But being a Devon boy reminds me that some of the most powerful truths in life are the most simple and straightforward, or as advertising companies say “K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

The one simple truth that stands out at Christmas is that God loved us, and loves us, so much that he sent his son to be one of us. Jesus is God with us – not up on a cloud, who can’t understand what it is like to laugh, weep, hunger, thirst, get angry or suffer. God with us, one of us, just like us. May you know God with you always, especially this Christmas time. Happy Christmas & God bless you!

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Melli said...

Oh BRAVO! You did very WELL at working a lot into very few words! Nicely DONE Vicar!