Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Me again

Yep, as previous mentioned, once I get going I do tend to say a lot!

Firstly I have discovered I am in the top twenty twitterers in the Twurch of England - not sure it means much, except that I have never been in a top twenty of anything before, so am pleased about that - am also in good company, with the Archbishop of York at number one, Bishop Alan Wilson at number two and number three the informative, intelligent and grace-full Maggi Dawn... You can find the list here .

Next another 'thought for the week' - don't be anxious about them coming out at one a day at the moment, I have only been doing it a few weeks for the Midweek Herald, so I will run out in a couple of days... Then I will post them as they are published once a week. This one was published just after the New Year; here goes...

“Time flies”, “running out of time”, “don’t have enough time”, “too many jobs too little time”, “if only there were more hours in the day”. In our world today we so often find ourselves ‘materially rich and time poor’ and our labour saving devices and distractions of TV, Internet and more seem to fill our days. Time is seen as an enemy, something which seems to be against us.

But time is a gift from God. The moments of each day are given to us to use and it is not time that is the enemy but all the things we choose to fill it with. Perhaps this New Year would be a good time to look at our priorities, to enjoy the time we have with friends and family and doing the things we love. Learn to say ‘no’ to the pressures of time and savour each moment.


nooneofconcequence said...

how bout
"I've been aware of time going by, they say in the end it's a wink of an eye

maggi said...

you've always been in the top twenty of good vicars

Melli said...

Aye.... yes! The problem arises in having too many things we enjoy ... and BLOGGING being one of them! And I am a fortunate one who does not have to add the requirements of a job into fray for my time! But we DO need to make the most of each minute... and I'm starting to think that we should TITHE our TIME as well as our finances. I'm trying to spend at least 10 percent of my time with God these days! That means, since we have 24 hours in a day, I should be spending at least 2 hours and 25 minutes a day with my Lord... In prayer, in Bible study, in praise, in devotions... some days I do better than others.