Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How to add long posts and not bore the pants off everyone

Actually, that post heading should be framed as a question...

I've seen on some blogs that long posts are split with a good deal of the post hidden away until someone clicks 'more' - is there a bit of code that i could add to get blogger to do that? If it were possible then I would be tempted to post that long talk I did yesterday! It went down quite well, so you might like it....

Oh, and yes I did notice how many errors there were in last night's blogposting, but it was late and I feel no compulsion to edit it. This is about as gritty as my blog gets, unlike Jenny Haha talking about wolf crotch! Which gave rise to some discussion about what Christians might feel appropriate to blog. If you do follow the link to Jenny's site, then make sure you read the comments, funny and thoughtful! And if you are in the mood to surf then pop over to Dr John's blog, always worth a read - particularly as he encourages you to comment (hopefully with more success than me)


Flawed & Disorderly said...

Ah! You gave me props, and I had no idea! THANK YOU! I just came over to tell you how HARD I laugh every time I think of "preach it stupid!"

How hard? VERY hard! Thank you!

ChilledBeer said...

hi there
so did you figure our how to add the "Read More" thingy? That'll be useful for me too...

The Old Fart said...

Hi Alastair

If you find out how to get this bit of html coding to show more then I'd be interested as well. Most times I just post enough to keep folks interested without having to make them scroll.

Other times I post so much it makes the idea of the More Link a good idea.

One must do a google search on this.