Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lost in translation?

Had a thought, actually I had a thought as I posted it, but when i put as the header of my sermon for Sunday 'Christianity is pants' this may well have been a slightly odd saying for anyone outside of UK youth culture...

'pants'= rubbish, crap, worthless and a whole other host of words which have a generally negative vibe. Now, this obviously isn't my opinion of Christian faith, but a reflection of how some Christians can feel about faith when the rubber hits the road, the wotsit hits the speedy swirly bladed thing, or generally life gets tough. Jesus talked about this in the parable we call the 'parable of the sower' (though it might more accurately be called the parable of the seed, or the parable of the soil) as he talks about the soil which is shallow and rocky where there is no depth of faith - people just say 'it's too much like hard work' and spiritually wilt. Or the soil which is full of weeds where the seed sprouts but is choked (in his explanation he talks of 'the cares of the world' being too much).

Anyway, not to preach the same sermon again, that's what i meant. Christianity is tough, not the easy option. I am surprised to have only had one reaction to it, whether people agree or disagree. Go figure.


The Old Fart said...

Thanks for letting us in on what "Pants" meant, I was wondering what it meant.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi newkidontheblog, blogging like everything else is something one has to 'work' at

Sure there are some blogs that attract flies like fresh dung does
and some blogs which attract moths like a light from a flame does.

But bloggers who visit and comment on many sites, get more return visits - whilst other bloggers sit and wait and wonder why there's no rush of comments. No good waiting for the train to come if one doesn't lay the tracks first.

Alas, subject matter is sooo selective. How to be rivetting?
With religion as a subject matter it is hard to make great strides in blogland or any land.

It seems there are so many views of 'christianity' that we all want to express our perspective, and seek reassurance that others agree.
But disagreements already existed even amongthe first apostles on oh so many things - you'd think agreement would have been easiest for them, but it seems from day one they showed diversity of meaning and intent.

The biggest cunnundrum, the largest hurdle to overcome - if being right does not assure happines, freedom from suffering and pain - what is the point of being right. And if being wrong is not the cause of unhappiness, suffering and pain - then where is the gain.

I guess be happy sunshine or rain
is the real aim, but some simply love to be 'grouchy' come what may
who is better at the end of the day

I've always felt there should be some Cosmic Law, wish no harm and no harm shall come to you - alas an ideal law, perhaps in a perfect world, but perhaps with a small flaw in this imperfect one.

Tom said...

Great. Now I'm going to have to try really hard not to run around calling things "pants" just to confuse people. It's stuff like that, inside jokes funny only to me, that get me in trouble.