Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lack of motivation

Having one of those days where blogging seems to have dropped off of the mental 'things to do' list due to brain being full. Have got that previously mentioned document about 'What God is doing' (which I keep misremembering as 'What is God doing in our team....?') to finish, and before it gets dark i need to remove the battery from my motorbike in order that i can put in the new one tomorrow and get to the motorbike show in London.

If you are there, i will be the fat, hairy one in leathers... That'll help ;-)


Tom said...

One of the nice things about riding a motorcycle is that you get to ride around town in a leathers and not feel weird.

Imagine the looks people would give me if I stepped out of my Honda Element in full leathers.

Twisted Shadows of Naughtiness said...

Just remember that if you are on a normal stipend and working average clergy hours, then that works out at about ... er ... £6/hr.

Still we don't do it for the moeny.

There is always the uniform!

I find three things cheer me up.

1: Funerals. If there is one thing in ministry where you meet people on the edges, the thin places, then this is it.

2: Music. I was ata retreat for clergy where certain internet addictions were mentioned. I was about to confess when I realised that an addiction to was not what the retreat leader meant.

3: Beer. A pint in one of my friendlier village locals with all the folks who are the church beyond the congregation is hard to beat. Ever fancy a trip to Wicken let me know.