Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The kind of blogger I am

I did another blogthing yesterday, one of these little quiz thingies which tell you something often inconsequential and can raise a smile. I like them cos they take about two minutes and often provide a post when i am stuck for ideas - i genuinely enjoyed doing the 'which muppet are you', found 'what movie genre are you?' diverting, also liked 'how sinful are you?'! I have done a couple of quizfarm, slightly weightier things too, which have been fun including 'what theologian I am' and whether i am chalcedon compliant. All good fun.

The blogthing yesterday was 'what kind of blogger are you', which i decided not to post just because i thought i would actually say something about it. For a two minute questionnaire it was surprisingly accurate. The phrase that stood out was 'you are friendly but don't give too much of yourself away'. I guess that reflects a bit of how i feel about blogging - i like sharing, not keen on offending folk, try to keep this blog going and sharing a bit of me without going into too much detail. I guess the post on flaw and disorder that talked about what it was appropriate to blog as a Christian made me think about not just what it is appropriate to blog as a Christian but as a minister and because i don't want to say too much about my family because it is not their blog and Clergy spouses and kids already have enough scrutiny! The other thing is, to be realistic, that this blog could be read by a potential parish i might want to move to and I wouldn't want to scare them too much!

Not sure what i am saying really, but if you find me surly and unfriendly do let me know and i will try to rectify that.

Oh, and enjoy the blogthings...Here's another one i found especially for today, inspired by Dr John's posting on words and the comments that ensued.

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.


quilly said...

You say plenty without saying anything at all. And without offending anybody. That's an essential skill for a pastor.

Eddie::Green said...

You scored as Paul Tillich. Paul Tillich sought to express Christian truth in an existentialist way. Our primary problem is alienation from the ground of our being, so that our life is meaningless. Great for psychotherapy, but no longer very influential.

Oh well that is my ministry summed up. Not very influential.

Dr.John said...

Another test I won't take because my vocabulary is limited to cindra;s eighteen words and is good only for a week.

The Old Fart said...

I took "The Muppet Personality Test", and the results are in and I am "Scooter". Uncanny but true, how did the test now.

Thanks for Sharing

Eddie::Green said...

I tried a religion test and came out as 71% Atheist and 71% Christian!


Had me as Spongite!